Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Organic Nail Products Should Be Your Only Choice

You can find many articles out there that discuss the health hazards of many chemicals that our nail products contain. Check out some of these:
  • Group Links Nail Polish to Birth Defects - at
  • Nail Polish Chemicals: Being Aware of Health Risks - at
  • Nail Polish Chemicals Cause Cancer - at
  • Nail Polish Poisoning - at discusses the signs and symptoms of "nail polish poisoning", which interestingly enough can be from swallowing or inhaling nail polish.  The specific poisonous ingredients in nail polish are listed.
  • Nail Polish Eczema - at SouthernMedicalJournal
  • Brain Damage from Modern Chemicals - at  This article gives examples from various studies done at respectable universities.  An excerpt from this site:
    "According to the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment’s recent report on neurotoxicity, among the known or suspected causes of brain-related disorders are exposure to chemicals including pesticides, therapeutic drugs, food additives, foods, cosmetic ingredients and naturally occurring substances" (this was from a summary report from the National Center for Toxicological Research)

Where to buy?  I have just slowly been transitioning over to natural/organic beauty products myself, so I don't have as much advice as I would like to on the topic.  I recently tried Karma Organic's nail polish remover and was very pleased with the results.  No harsh smell- not even a little bit, it's practically odorless!  While you might have to spend a few extra seconds rubbing each nail, it seemed totally worth it to me.

I stumbled across Priti NYC, which seems to have one of the widest selections of organic nail polish out there.  While it may be pricier than your average polish, there seems to be quite a few colors on sale.  The sale items are a few dollars off, which knocks the price down to what you would pay for your average bottle of nail polish.  Seems worth it to me!

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