Friday, March 4, 2011

Reducing Toxins in the Home

Here's a great video from Sutter Health, on how to reduce toxins in your home.  And here is another on indoor air pollution.

"Green" alternatives for products that are typically used:
  • Flooring/carpet:
    • Use natural fiber carpets made of wool or cotton.  Look into renewable resources for you flooring, like cork, palm, and bamboo.
  • Paint
    • Choose no volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints with natural pigments.
  • Materials used in furniture & household decor:
    • Wash curtains before hanging and let new furniture "gas off" outside for at least a week before bringing into the home.  If these suggestions aren't practical, buy products with natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen, or silk.  Make sure products are not treated with chemicals to repel moths or flames.
    • Avoid furniture made with chipboard wood because it contains formaldehyde, and avoid plastics because they often contain harmful toxins.
  • Cleaning products:
    • Use natural products to avoid bringing unnecessary toxins into your home.  Many of these cleaners are just as effective as the ones made with harsh chemicals, but the natural formulas don't pose a hazard to your health.
Things you can do to reduce the build up of indoor toxins:
  • buy plants to help clear the air
  • change your AC air filter regularly
  • use natural cleaning products
  • open your windows regularly (even in the winter!)
  • remove your shoes before entering your home (you don't want to welcome those pesticides from the lawn into your home)
  • avoid using artificial air fresheners

Where do you buy "green products" for the home?  Check out some of these sites:
More Resources:

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