Sunday, October 30, 2011

Being Smart about the Natural Approach

Many people are skeptical when it comes to treating things naturally, although it seems that may be starting to slowly change.  More and more people are reporting more failures with conventional treatments and are left to look to alternative approaches to address their needs.  Since the internet is often filled with conflicting information, here are some reliable resources to set you on the right track when treating things more naturally.

Some resources worth checking out if you're interested in a more natural or comprehensive approach:

Learn about natural medicine:
  • Medline Plus - search specific herbs & supplements to find out about potential risks, drug interactions, and proven effectiveness
Find a Naturopath:
Find a doctor who practices integrative medicine:
Find alternative healthcare providers:
  • Medfinds - Enter your search criteria and find a local practitioner or therapist
Find a massage therapist:
  • Upledger Institute - click on massage specialties (ex. craniosacral, etc.) to find a practitioner

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